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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Lady of Gietrzwald

Gietrzwałd is a village (founded in 1352) in northeastern Poland, which is known for its Marian Sanctuary and the miraculous Painting of Our Lady.

The village became famous after the appearances of Holy Mary: from 27 June to 16 September 1877 the manifestations of Our Lady was seen by two girls - Justyna Szafryńska and Barbara Samułowska. Mother of God spoke to them in Polish and asked them to pray the Rosary every day.

You need to know that Poland did not exist as a country then (Gietrzwałd and other places of the area were under Prussian rule at that time) and speaking Polish was forbidden. Furthermore, Holy Mary had always been worshiped by the Catholics of Poland. That was why the appearances experienced by the two villagers were a very meaningful message to Poles.

I have also visited the Sanctuary a few times. Many people arrive there daily (about a million  pilgrims a year) - to pray and ask Our Lady for what they need, to visit the local church and also to get some water from the miraculous creek blessed by Virgin Mary. The water itself is supposed to have healing properties. That is why, herever you come to the Sanctuary, you can see a long line of people holding plastic bottles and other containers, queuing to fill them up with the creek water.

Things to see in Gietrzwałd:
  • The church - basilica: built soon after the village was founded. Thorough the years, the church was redecorated and rebuilt many times. Some parts of its Gothic construction have been preserved. 
  • The painting of Our Lady - created in 16th century, author unknown. The painting has been decorated with silver layers and precious stones.
  • The St. Joseph's Chapel built in 1877.
  • In the village: wooden house #13 built in 19th century, house #33 (1877), houses #16 and #31 (beginning of 20th century)